Article Directory List

People who need to find great article directories can read this and find just what they are looking for. This article directory list is dedicated to bringing you just that. A definitive list of quality article submission directories that are available for you to submit your articles to.

The list is set out in a Squidoo Plexo that allows users to add their favorite article directories. This enables the list to remain up to date while being a living, growing entity that is useful to all the many visitors to this lens.

The article directory list here is by no means exhaustive, but with over two hundred article directories and ezines that accept articles, you have a huge choice for submitting your articles to. I personally keep an eye on the list and periodically remove dead sites or those that have changed to something else and no longer accept submissions.

Incidentally, if you're looking for places to publish your articles to widen your net of backlinks, article marketing is still alive and working when it's used efficiently. The value of those links may not be as great as they once were, but they still have value as probably the best way to dilute your inbound link anchors and get on the right side of recent algo updates such as Penguin.

For the small amount of extra work involved to increase your site's inbound link count, it's certainly something worth considering!


It is a well known fact that you can boost the authority of your website with plenty of high quality inbound links from trusted sources. Unfortunately for most website owners, they don't have the first clue how to go about attracting the kind of links that will propel them up the search index pages. There is something that you can do to help things along and that is to submit your own articles to a variety of article directories.

The link value coming from article directories is not what it once was, thanks to recent updates in the way that Google and other search engines rank sites and attribute rankinga and site authority. But that doesn't mean it is completely useless. You can make use of a large list of article directories to send lots of articles to with your link embedded in the body of the article or in a bio box at the bottom, depending on what the individual owners of the directories prefer you to do.

Below, you will find a really useful list of active active article directories that you can submit your articles to.

The Article Directories List:


The links in the list are not live, so you will need to copy/paste the one(s) you choose into a browser to visit them. But I'm pretty sure that if you know how to use an article submission site, you'll know how to do that too!

Be sure to make use of this fantastic free resource!

Why Submit Articles? The Best Article Directories Can Help Your Site Rank

It's becoming fairly common knowledge amongst Internet marketers and webmasters alike that in order to promote your website, blog or online business, a powerful and free way of generating targeted traffic is to submit articles to article directories.

To do this manually can be a slow and painstaking process, but a necessary one if you want the search engines to rank your site as well as deliver that traffic to your site. And not just traffic, but also those all-important inbound links to give your sites the authority they need to compete in the search engine results.

Well, here's a ton of help in that process. In this article directory list, I've listed a good number of the main article directories to save you the hassle of finding them all for yourself.

Of course the process of submitting articles will always take some work, but then when you think about it you are doing that work for the good of your online business which will make money for you the more it grows. Article marketing is a big part of that growth in obtaining the all-important backlinks that your money making websites need in order to gain authority and rank in the search engines results.

What Are The Pitfalls? The Scourge of Duplicate Content

One of the main problems a lot of new marketers run afoul of is that of duplicate submission.

By that I mean writing an article then submitting it to more than one article submission directory. The first one you submit is fine, because its an original - it's unique content that the search engines not only love to see but will give you much more PR love for doing it! But when you go and submit the same article to directory number two, it is not longer unique web content, but a duplicate of the one you just submitted to directory number one.

The search engines hate duplicate content and will penalise you for it. They will also penalise the directory that displays it, so you may find that increasingly, more of the top directories will refuse to accept a duplicate article.

If the search engines dislike just one duplicate copy of an article on the web with your link attached to it, imagine how much damage you'd be doing to your potential PR by submitting that exact same article to 200 directories!

It's a definite no-no!

So you can see, you need to take an article and change it around a fair bit before you submit it to another directory. Just to be on the safe side.

Because after all, you are doing this to gain favour with the search engines, not make them penalise you for it!

Your "Resource Box" You Need One for Maximizing Free Article Submission Sites List

Most, if not all article submission directories allow you to have what is known as a resource box, or bio box.

This is where you can write a little about yourself and your website that you want the article to link back to including an anchor link to your site.

In the anchor link should be text using your main keywords or site title for better SEO and more weight with the search engines.

After all, this is all about getting traffic to your site, for which you need a link to that site and possibly even more importantly a one-way back-link from the article directory to your site, which is why it should be enclosed in "<a> </a>" anchor HTML tags.

This gives you the double benefit of link juice from the article site plus keyword authority to your site, which will help it get a better place in the search engine listings.

Choose to Submit To Only the Best Article Directories

Keyword research methodologies are some of the most closely guarded secrets by affiliate marketers. Knowing how to mine for low-cost, high revenue keywords is the key to affiliate success for anyone who wants to use any type of search in their marketing.

Enhance Articles for Relevance and Clarity

There are many ways to find good keywords but you'll also need a tool for researching them once you've found them. That's because it's no good having a great sounding keyword that you know you can fill a whole site up with content for if no one searches on it.

Take this site, The Honest Way. What a disaster this is as far as keyword research. I bought the domain and built the huge website before I knew what I was really doing in terms of SEO and keywords and now I've got a white elephant in monetisation terms because its main keywords are virtually un-searched, meaning low numbers of organic search traffic meaning low clicks on ads.

As a way of trying to change its fortunes, I decided to include a category to the static site using the obvious but still lucrative keywords "make money online", which is potentially useful as a way to generate some peripheral income. The keyword "Money" is in the title, so it's just a case of manipulating several long tail keywords around "money" and using them in anchor text links as above to send link juice and keyword authority to the site.

Unfortunately, the competition in that niche as a whole is very stiff and many newcomers to the Internet as a means of generating an income tend to gravitate to this particular niche. This is not really a problem, but it would help many to realize there are thousands of better niches out there to target. It's just that all newbies tend to come into this game and immediately start to build sites in the MMO niche, without realizing they haven't got a snowballs chance in hell of ranking for most of the related terms!

Alternative to Article Directories That Allow Links

While article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your website, in order to promote your blogs, you can actually use your posts as their own promotion machines.

There are several pligg based social bookmarking websites around where you can submit your blog posts to, such as digg, reddit, etc. These are the ones most blogger know about and use regularly to boost their posts' indexing times as well as their SERPs authority.

But why just stop there?

To promote a blog post, doesn't it make as much sense to submit it to as many of these pligg driven sites as possible to get the most promotional juice? So when you hear about a new pligg site coming online, as a promotion savvy blogger, you're going to take full advantage of the fact aren't you?

Well, when you submit your blog posts to a social bookmarking site, you're giving your site the opportunity of improving its SERPs authority with each additional submission.

Article Marketing as Part of a Home Business

Article marketing as part of a home business is a highly important aspect of the whole online business model. When it comes to promoting your home business and its main website, works in a twofold manner.

  1. By driving targeted traffic to your main home business website
  2. By increasing the SERPs authority of your home business site by increasing the number of relevant backlinks pointing to it.

These two factors represent the major source of income that you can expect to derive from your website as targeted traffic are visiting for the simple reason that they want what you are offering.

This obviously differs enormously from the social traffic that you can far more easily attract for this one especial reason. They are not targeted and therefore not necessarily interested in what you are offering by way of monetization on your website. They come simply out of curiosity to see what your site is doing showing up on their social outlet.

So if you're running your own Internet Home Business and want to get the most from its website, then you should certainly make full use of article marketing to generate those diverse and keyword anchored backlinks to your site as well as directly driving targeted traffic from the article directories themselves