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Welcome to The Honest Way Blog. This is where I'll write my day to day posts of what I'm doing and learning about Internet Marketing and making money online for a sustainable income stream.

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Recent Posts

In its origianl format, the blog was powered by Wordpress, like so many other millions of blogs around the world. However, I grew tired of the inadequacies of this platform, the vulnerabilities of its CMS (Content Management System) and the constant and mostly unwanted updates.

So, like almost all of my old blogs, I have restructured this onto a static html model that I control completely.

It loses some of its interactive functions, such as commenting and easy access to RSS feeds. However, that's a small price to pay for much stronger security to prevent hackers gaining access to an online database of my content and a solid backup system that doesn't rely on bloated and vulnerable plugins, themes or other third party applications.

This is the new blog with a static homepage and links to the blog posts as I create and publish them.

A Static Blog

Here is an excerpt of the very first post of the new Honest Way Blog associated with and now a physical part of The Honest Way website.

It's been a whole 3 weeks now since The Honest Way went on the air on 10th March 2007. In that time, it has undergone several superficial changes with regards its look, feel and content.

The Honest Way website started with a few affiliate products, two free informational articles and a few affiliate links in the sidebar. Now it has grown considerably in that short time. There are now 8 full articles, a good list of recommended affiliate products, an opt-in form linked to an autoresponder, a forum and now this blog.

We've been watching the web stats since day one, when we were getting a handful of hits to begin with, but that hit rate climbed sharply as the articles that were submitted to Ezine Articles were published and visitors started coming over to see what the site was all about. After two weeks of regular article submissions and posts on forums and message boards, the hits had climbed steadily enough for the prediction that we would see over 5,000 hits by the 31st of March.

Well, it continued to grow until the last few days we were getting over 1,000 hits per day. The final count at the end of the 31st was over 12,000 hits. That exceeded all expectations and has set us up for a possible 20,000 hit prediction for April.

We shall see...

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