How to Get Paid Liking Facebook Posts

Have you ever wondered how to get paid liking Facebook posts or posting tweets on Twitter while working at home on your smart phone, tablet or laptop computer?

If you were presented with a way to do this and potentially make a cool $175 a day, would you jump at the opportunity?

After all, in these days of employment uncertainty and large scale lay-offs from traditional jobs, it make sense to figure out how to make a living by working online, right?

bullshit meterWell, what if you were faced with such an opportunity but then your bullshit meter kicked in and made you think twice about what you were seeing?

Money Maker or Scam?

Well, I can certainly show you a way to do this without it costing you anything aside from your valuable time. However, what is your time worth and how much of it do you have to spend on doing something like this?

To go it alone and spend time on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter can prove costly in terms of time wasted and you could end up only making pennies per hour if you get it wrong.

On the other hand, I can show you how to make money reading Facebook posts and liking them or tweeting away on Twitter but you have to pay up front to get a full-blown training course on how to do it. What would you think about that?

Who said there was any such thing as a free lunch?

Well, I have looked at a program that claims to provide you with the tools and information to make an attractive $35 an hour working 5 hours a day (to make $175 a day). The catch is you have to pay for it.

Is it legit? Or is it just another Internet scam laying in wait to snare an unwitting newcomer to the world of online working into parting with some money for something that will just gather dust on your hard drive?

You Decide

Well, it's a legit program and if you follow the training and do what it tells you to do, you actually can make money.

get paid liking Facebook postsCan you make $35 an hour?

Yes, but you have to be almost inhumanly focused and dedicated and completely resistant to being side-tracked by wasting time doing other stuff like watching those attention-grabbing videos or reading people's posted conversations or daydreaming etc.

Can you do that? I know from personal experience that no matter how hard I try to focus on getting one thing done, especially on Facebook, I get side-tracked way too easily.

Getting side-tracked wastes time. When you waste time, your hourly rate of earning goes way down.


Time is Too Easy to Waste

Because if a task that is meant to earn you a dollar is supposed to take no more than 2 minutes and you do it then spend another 10 minutes watching some stupid video of people falling over things or cars crashing into things (for example), then your earning rate plummets.

Because your 2 minute dollar ended up turning into a 12 minute dollar.

It takes a special kind of very focused individual to be able to get past the distractions on social media and just do the tasks that will make them the money.

Do you think you're able to do that? I know I can't, but you're not me!

Are You Focused?

If you believe you can ignore social media distractions and get focused on completing tasks that pay you money, then maybe this program will suit you.

Here is a link to a company called Paying Social Media Jobs that provide the work you're looking for along with full training on what to do, how to do it and how to get paid the best rate for doing it.

Note: As an affiliate of Paying Social Media Jobs I earn from qualifying sales.

If you know how to use Facebook and Twitter, you can do this job from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a computing device (smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer) and an Internet connection.

But I will give this warning: If you want to make the money but are prone to wasting time on social media, then this will not be good for you and you shouldn't sign up for it.

If you think you can do it, then by all means go for it. But don't say I didn't warn you first!


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