Work at Home Secrets: John Crestani $1 Book!

Do you want to learn how to start earning $2,500 a month working just 4 hours a week? From a book authored by an Internet Marketing millionaire costing just $1?

Is it possible?

Update November 2020:

At the time I wrote and published this post, it was not just absolutely possible, it was a fact! However, time doesn't stand still and neither did this offer.

What I'm saying is the offer has been taken down, so you can't get the $1 book now.

If this is your first time here and the first you heard about John Crestani's book, my condolences. It was a great entry into the world of affiliate marketing by a self-made millionaire marketer who continues to make millions from his own system.

If you want to learn his system, including all the secret stuff that you will never get in his free videos he posts on Youtube, you have to buy into his 6-week training course, called Super Affiliate System. I have changed my links below to take you to the info page where you can watch his introductory video about the course and from there, decide for yourself whether you want to go all in and learn how John makes his money and copy his system for yourself to do the same.

I have left the rest of my original post intact (with a few modifications) you can still read about the $1 book and what you missed out on.

But you don't need to miss out on John's training. Click the promo image below and check out his 6-week course if you're serious that you want to make serious money online!

Note: As an affiliate of John Crestani products I earn from qualifying sales.

The $1 Book You Missed Out On

You could have gotten hold of the book entitled, "Work-At-Home Secrets & Scams" by John Crestani for only one dollar by following the special link I provided when I posted this, but now I have changed the promo links to let you take a sneak preview of John's mega-course, Super Affiliate Program.

But first, I want to cover a little of what this book was about and why you should have grabbed it.

By the way, if you're not making much, if anything in the way of cash right now and you need to start producing a real income, this book will reveal how it's done using the power of the Internet.

What is this Work at Home Book About?

The book, which is in digital downloadable ebook form so it's easy and convenient to get hold of, sets out what home-based business opportunities are available. It explains how you can get started making money online from scratch with no experience or skills to begin with.

It is in workbook format and includes exercises and additional resources that can help you create a home-based side income using the Internet.

The book is written in entry-level language so it's easy to understand and grasp the methods and strategies that you will use to start seeing your first dollars roll in… and then start growing into a real income.

Who is John Crestani?

I should take a little time to explain who the book's author is and why you should take any notice of what he has to say.

John is currently one of the most successful Internet Marketers on the planet. He makes millions of dollars every year from a series of online businesses he has created and built up to form a money making machine that just keeps growing.

He has created training courses to help others do what he has done, as a way of giving back to the world in gratitude for his success. He also creates short, info-based videos that you can find on Youtube that share several clever marketing tricks that he has discovered.

But the real power is in his training courses, where he reveals all his knowledge and skill and shares it with students who are also seeing their online incomes growing to huge figures.

You can be one of those success stories too, if you want to.

You Have to Start Somewhere

The reality a lot of newcomers to the world of online entrepreneurship have to face is you just can't expect to press a button and watch money fall into your lap. You must start at the beginning and work your way up from making your first dollar to seeing the figures rise to astonishing amounts as you progress.

To make that happen takes knowledge and a plan to follow. When you first get started, you have neither. That's where it pays dividends to get the best training from an expert who is actually making the big bucks already and knows what he's talking about.

John Crestani is that expert!

All You Need to Know

Fortunately for you, the link I am sharing above not only gives you access to John's book for $1, but it also opens a page that's packed full of information on how John got started in this business that will inspire you to follow in his footsteps.

That's something you should decide to do and seriously follow his training so that you, too can join the ranks of the successful marketers that are using the Internet to make a substantial income.

Upon purchasing the $1 book, you will also get the chance to sign up for John's on-going training. If you're really serious about this and want to turn dollars into hundreds and then thousands of dollars each month, you should get on that course.

You might be wondering why I'm recommending someone else's online course and not my own. Truth is I've been quite happy making my own online income over the years (I got started in 2006, so you could say I have a few years experience behind me), I never felt the need to run my own course when there are so many great ones already.

I have always focused my working hours on building my own Internet Marketing income and not overworking and never having the time to enjoy life – which is what life is for – to be enjoyed!

It's not often that I feel the need to promote someone else's training unless I really believe it's good. There are a lot of scammers out there that will take your money but deliver a very poor result.

Not this time. John Crestani delivers a solid, workable training that really does work as long as the student is prepared to learn what he teaches and put it into practice by following what they've learned (and not goofing off watching pointless videos or playing games on their computers).


If you are at your wit's end because maybe you lost your job or you're working at a low paid job or you work for a horrible boss or for some reason you need a change and want to work for yourself, you should spend a little of your time to watch John's video!

It could very well change your life so much it'll make your head spin!

Here's the link again: Click HERE and watch the video that may change your life!


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