The Darker Side of Money

When did money start making the world go around? When did cash become the most coveted item for thieves and scoundrels?

Why do so many people believe that money is evil?

What in the world is the darker side of money when it is already believed to be about as dark and demonic as can be?

Astounding way to open an article with a bunch of open-ended questions that may have no meaning at all yet to many may seem thought-provoking, tantalizingly esoteric yet demanding of answers! I hear so much about how the very trade-lifeblood of the civilized world is so bad, yet everyone wants more of it!

the dark side of money"If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting."
—Benjamin Franklin

Dark as Pitch

Do you know how long the concept of money has been around, or who is responsible for its creation and distribution? Maybe you think you do, but you might be mistaken.

I used to believe that it was a relatively recent manifestation that came into form to simplify the process of trade and replace the more archaic idea of bartering. How innocent and, hate to say it ignorant I was! But not anymore.

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver."
—Ayn Rand

I learned something the other day that literally blew my mind. It seems the creation of money goes further back than Biblical times back to the civilization known as the Sumerians around six thousand or so years ago. Sumeria occupied an area where modern day Iraq now stands and there have been numerous archaeological finds in that country of ancient Sumerian cities and the cuneiform writings they left behind.

What was discovered were small clay tablets that were used as bill of exchange (money) in those ancient times. It seems that's also where the first banks and money lenders were formed. Imagine, long before anything any of us were taught in school was this advanced civilization that knew things they couldn't possibly have known and done things they couldn't possibly have done including the creation and widespread use of money.

Not as a form of simple, benign exchange as many think it would have been.

But a form of control.

The ancient Kings of Sumeria were the world's first bankers and they used money to enslave the people by making them so reliant on the concept, they couldn't live without it. And get this: they made sure people borrowed more money than they could pay back to force them into debt.

Know this: When you're in debt, you can be controlled.

Did it ever strike you as curious that less than 1% of the population is in possession of around 95% of the world's money? And of that 1%, only a handful could be described as the super-rich and powerful.

Who are they?

We know about the world's richest people from lists compiled by financial publications like Forbes. We know who they are. The likes of Bill Gates et al. The Internet billionaires, corporate magnates, oil barons, kings and soverigns of certain countries etc.

But we don't necessarily know who the truly powerful are, do we?

I'll give you a clue. They don't publicize their wealth and status and they are more powerful than you will ever believe. They run the world banks and they run whole countries.

Not governments or politicians.

They're just puppets, placed into public office to fool everyone that they live in a free democracy. They don't have any real power or make any real decisions. If you think they do, sure, go right ahead.

Do Not Read the Next Part

I have a theory. Just that. An idea about things that doesn't fit into mainstream thinking. It won't agree with what everyone believes. Well, at least not those of you who have not awakened. That's almost everyone.

A few enlightened souls have woken up from their long hypnotic slumber, from the brainwashing and mental control placed on us all by those that truly control the world. The mist clears and suddenly, things are not what they appear to be.

Yeah, I'm losing you already, I can tell. Told you it would be hard to believe.

This: When you're brainwashed, you don't know you're brainwashed.

That's the general idea. You believe what you think is your own thought, your own ideas, your own beliefs. That's what being brainwashed is.

Your beliefs, ideas and things you think you know have all been put there by someone else.

It's so perfect. Of course it is! When everybody believes what they've been told to believe, they won't ever question things and make it awkward for those in control.

Hey! I told you to NOT read this part. Why are you reading this?

Do you want to fall into my trap and wake up? Are you crazy?

That's enough of that. I've probably already written enough to either make you sit up and start thinking for yourself, or I've pressed the "derision" button inside your head and you'll be nudging whoever is sitting next to you and saying something like, "Read this crazy stuff, the guy is off his head!"

Yep, that's me. Crazy old nutcase who is seeing conspiracies behind every tree. Sure. You go away and believe that. Get back to your boring, mundane life:

Go to work each day, come home to eat your dinner, sit in front of the TV to get your nightly dose of brainwashing and then going to bed.

When you get up next morning, remember to read that newspaper for some more brainwashing – oh and listen to the radio too. Can't get too much of that good ole cerebral frizzing.

After 40 years or so, you'll retire from your job, sit down and look back at your uneventful life and accept it as normal. Then some time later you'll die.

Oh come on. For heaven's sake. Wake up! Now!

There's more to life if you are awake enough to realize it. It's never too late to change something about it. Do something different, exciting. Just don't borrow any money to do it!

Debt: the Enslaver

The free flow of money could be considered a good thing because it makes it easy to exchange goods and services and allow for organized society to function. However, when you are placed in a situation where you do not possess enough money to pay for the things you need (re: food, clothing, shelter), that beautiful free flow stops and the system clogs up (for you).

How many of you have a credit card and use it regularly? It's a given, right? Sure.

How many of you spend more than you have on your credit card, hoping that next month's paycheck will cover it? Happens to us all, right? Sure.

How many of you overspend your card then find your next paycheck doesn't cover it? Oh dang. Now your in trouble, right? Sure.

More trouble than you can know. You are now officially classed as a slave. A slave to your credit card. or to the bank that owns your credit card. They now own you. Yes they do!

"You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you."
– Dave Ramsey

The bank can tell you to pay back the debt and just to be nice, they'll give you some time to do it, while charging you more money (interest) for the privilege. You gotta pay it, whether you want to or not.

That roughly translates to you have just had one of your precious liberties taken away from you. You must work more to make more money to pay back the debt plus the interest – you don't have a choice and lack of choice means lack of liberty, right? Sure it does.

Liberty, Freedom, Choice

To make it easier to understand, take the flip side where you don't owe any money on your credit card, you have no personal loans. No debt in other words.

If you want to quit your job and take a vacation backpacking around the countryside – you can! You have that choice. That's liberty.

That's freedom.

That's a luxury few people living in our so-called civilized society actually possess. Why? Because most of us are scurrying around like demented insects working our butts off trying to make enough to live and pay off our debts, that's why!

Money has become the master and we, its slaves.

That's the darker side of money. Or the darker side of life, if you like.

What's the moral of this story (if there is one)? Isn't it obvious?

If you want to enjoy something approaching true freedom, do not allow yourself to get into debt. Ever. Oh, and... WAKE UP!


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