What Free Traffic are We Talking About Here?

It probably won't surprise you to hear you're not alone in getting offers of free traffic in your email inbox almost every day lately. What free traffic is that?

There seems to be a current trend in digital product makers releasing a number of variations on a common theme that sounds interesting at first.

free trafficHowever, when you look at these offers and read between the lines, the hype doesn't stand up.

How Can Traffic be Free?

The simple truth is that there is no free lunch. And that applies to traffic generation as well.

Whoever the vendor is, their similar sounding messages are this: If you buy their new app, which is usually in a dime sale to get you hooked in, you'll be able to flood your own offers with tons of targeted, buyer traffic that will make you loads of money.


What could be better if you are an affiliate marketer, for example and you want to attract buyers to your own super affiliate system of making you money online!

Say you decide to grab the offer while it's still cheap. Then you get sucked into a funnel of OTO's (One Time Offers, if you didn't already know) offering to upgrade your app to all kinds of nice features. These often include unlimited this or that, usually campaigns or similar.

What that usually means is the cheap FE (Front End) app you just bought for peanuts will only allow you to run a limited number of campaigns. And you'll need to spend bigger bucks to get the juicy add-ons and unlimited access.

Whatever. Upon peering inside one or two of these recent little gems, I soon discovered that all is not as it seems.

Social Traffic

Most, if not all of that targeted, buyer traffic that sold the app is just social traffic pulled in from a collection of social accounts. Some of these apps rely on your own social accounts for that traffic, by the way, making them next-to-useless.

So why do these product creators believe you'll make loads of money from social traffic?

The Good Old Days

Back in the day (I'm going back over 10 years, now), when enlightened marketers like Griz were around, the word was that social traffic rarely if ever converted into sales. The reason being that people go onto social media to connect with their virtual friends and share gossip, opinions or whatever.

They're not there to buy anything!

Why has that changed now?

Spoiler alert: It hasn't.

Scrolling for What?

Think about it. If you're logged into Facebook or whatever and you're burning your life away scrolling through all the dross, erm, I mean posts from friends and acquaintances (those people you don't really know from Adam), you're doing it to get some kind of entertainment.

Maybe it's just to pass the time (like time is not a valuable commodity in your life). Maybe it's because you like getting mad by reading some really vitriolic opinions from other time-wasters who love to post their hate-thoughts just to annoy people or because they're closet psychopaths.

Whatever the reason you're there, you are not there because you want to buy stuff!

A Numbers Game

So, back to my original reasoning. Social traffic is not necessarily the kind of targeted buyer traffic that you want.

Not unless you can literally blast your offer out to hundreds of thousands of people and turn it into a numbers game.

Even then, your take-up rate will be pretty low. It might be OK for generating leads, but it's not easy to convert time-wasters into buyers.

So what kind of traffic do you really want?

Organic Traffic

In those good old days when search engine ranking was like the Wild West and you could get your web page on the front page of the search engine of the day (was Yahoo, then Google) with some clever manipulation of certain elements.

Not so much now.

Yet organic search traffic is still, without doubt, the best kind if you want targeted buyers to see your offer, or your review plus affiliate link or whatever.

If someone could invent an app that could get you THAT traffic, (and it would keep working for more than five minutes) I want to be first in line to grab it.


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