Ten Reasons Why People Buy Things Part 2

In the twelfth of our series of super helpful articles on the honest way to earn an income online, we look at the second of of ten reasons why people buy things.

We started this mini-series by looking at the number 10 reason why people actually buy things, to relieve stress. In Part 2, we look at the 9th reason why people buy things...

Reason 9: To Replace an Existing Item

It's a sad testimony to modern life, but nothing these days it seems, lasts forever. That's not necessarily because things are not well made, or even because they stop working, although when they do, they often cannot be economically repaired and so have to be replaced.

Most often, though things have top be replaced because a newer, better or more efficient replacement has come onto the market making the older model obsolete. Whatever the reasons, replacing an existing item means making a purchase. So let's see how you can turn that to your advantage when promoting your product or service.

The first thing you need to do is check out your competition. If you are selling a book on affiliate marketing, such as, (for example) Ewan Chia's The Secret Affiliate Weapon, you need to know what other similar books are on the market, what they contain and how much they are selling for. It can mean purchasing them yourself if necessary, which is a good way of knowing what information these other books contain and if there is something that is missing that your product contains. That way, when you are promoting The Secret Affiliate Weapon, you can explain to a prospective customer that they should buy this book because it contains this or that piece of important information that the one they may already have or other books on the market lack. It doesn't mean they have to throw away their old book. It does mean that it is in their interests to buy yours to add to their library.

In the case of selling a service, like web hosting for instance, you need to know what hosting services are around and what they are offering in terms of price, service, guarantees etc. Then you have to make your package better than the rest without it costing you any money. You don't want to give stuff away but sometimes there are things you can create the appearance of giving away, like extra storage space, or slightly more bandwidth or guarantee better up-time because you have the best servers in the business. You have to make your prospective customers aware of what level of service you are offering for the price in your advertising and make it appear that you are offering more than your competitors for the same price. You can also stress the point that these are the things that separate you from other companies.

In case a potential customer contacts you and asks what it is about your product or service that it better than the rest, you need to have a pre-written answer that covers all the bases. That will save you time in the long run by not having to duplicate you effort by writing the same things over and over. Simply copy and past the relevant answer into your response.

Always remember that people can replace things despite the fact that they might still be working. Also, your product or service may be replaced if a newer or better one comes onto the market so you have to make sure you stay on top of your market by knowing what's out there and what's new or being pre-launched at any given time.

If your standards drop and your competition gets on top of you, you risk losing customers to other sellers. Also, if your product can potentially break down you have to ensure that you have a repair or replace policy that is affordable or even given free for a given period of time after purchase. That way your customers will have better faith in you and your products or services and are more likely to stick with you.

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