How to Backup a Youtube Channel

Are you worried you might lose your Youtube channel and all the videos, thumbnails, descriptions, tags, comments etc that you've worked so hard to put together?

Would you like to be able to backup the whole channel so if the worst comes to the worst, you can create a new channel and upload everything from the old one?

Well, you can!

However, you won't be able to do it comprehensively with free tools. And don't expect Google or Youtube to make it easy for you, either.

If your channel gets flagged for some reason and then taken down, you need to have everything backed up safely so you can easily restore it on a new channel.

Your Channel and its Content is Not Safe

Don't be fooled into believing that Google and Youtube have your best interests at heart. They don't!

Google (they own Youtube) cares about Google and their bottom line (the money they make), not you and all the other users of their properties, apps and features.

If they find an infraction or anything that contravenes their guidelines, your channel can be shut down immediately without any consultation with you. That would mean the loss of all your videos and data and no way to get it back intact.

It happens a lot. In fact it happens so often to so many channels, no matter how large or small that it would make your eyes pop out of your head if you saw the statistics.

Don't be a statistic!

You can safeguard your precious data and videos in a number of ways. Backing it all up to your local computer is the most effective way and ensures you have a working copy of everything you worked so hard to create on Youtube.

There are a number of backup solutions available. Some of them are free but the best are the ones you have to pay for.

Some of the free options will back up your videos one by one. That can be pretty slow going, especially if you have a large channel with lots of video. However, the videos is all they'll backup. They don't grab your content and precious data (tags, descriptions, thumbnails, optimization etc).

Many free solutions back your videos up to cloud storage or even to your Google drive. That's OK for just a few videos, but a lot of them will soon exceed your space allocation and then you'll have to pay for the extra gigabytes you are using. That can work out expensive!

What if there were a better solution that backed up everything (and I mean everything) from a channel and stored it on your own computer's hard drive?

You wouldn't need to worry about storage costs (you already own your computer's storage) plus you can copy it out to external drives via USB for even more secure backups.

I just so happen to know of (and use personally) a very effective piece of software that does it all. I mean it backs up all the videos as well as all the content and data in a channel and downloads it to your own computer.

The downside is it's not free. You will need to purchase the software.

The upside is it doesn't cost a lot and it's a one-time payment. So no monthly costs or renewals needed and the product is fully supported by one of the best support teams ever. I'll tell you some more about it further down the page.

How to Spy on Your Youtube Competitors

There's another side to being able to backup a whole Youtube channel including all the data that's stored there. If you were perhaps interested in knowing how a competitor was outranking your videos, you could backup their channel and have revealed before your very eyes:

and other information that will help you to match what they're doing and then take that one step further to get ahead of them.

You could literally beat your competitors at their own game if you knew everything they were using to rank their videos.

VidRipper Video Backup Solution

The software I use for backing up my Youtube channels and taking a sneak look at my competitors is called ″VidRipper.″ It's creator is Cliff Carrigan, a long-time marketer and software producer that I have known for several years and trust completely.

His stuff is nothing short of awesome for getting a lot of Internet Marketing jobs done efficiently and well. Vidripper is one such product.

But don't just take my word for it. Click the link below and go check it out for yourself. I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised at what it does and how little it costs for what it does!

There are a lot of great reasons to get your hands on the professional version of this software right now while it's on offer at a low early bird price. After the official launch date, the price will go up. You have been warned... and forewarned is forearmed!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Vidripper and earn commission from sales originating from this page.