Ten Reasons Why People Buy Things Part 1

In the eleventh of our series of informative articles on the honest way to earn an income online, we look at one of ten reasons why people buy things.

We're going to have a look at an important part of Internet Marketing. In fact, from a marketer's point of view this is of paramount importance. You need to know why people actually buy things, because once you have got that piece of the jigsaw in place, the rest follows much more easily. In each of this mini-series of ten short articles, we'll take one of ten reasons why people buy things. In order if importance, we'll go from the tenth, here, to the top reason in part 10. Enjoy...

Reason 10: To Relieve Stress

People live stressful lives day to day from the moment they are woken up in the morning by the alarm clock (very stressful). Getting ready for work at the same time as getting the kids ready for school is followed by the stressful commute into work. Then you have to cope with a day at work and all the stress and aggravation that can contribute.

Then there is the stressful commute home from work. Maybe you work from home and miss out on the stressful commute, but working from home has its stresses too. Like for instance the loneliness - no one to talk to and when you have a problem, no one to ask for assistance. Then you finish your work and have to deal once again with the kids before settling down for the evening, perhaps getting an hour or so in front of the TV before collapsing, physically or mentally (or both) exhausted into bed.

Then you do it all over again.

So if you are one of these people who thinks stress isn't much of a problem in our lives, either you are extremely lucky or you need to take your head out of the sand and re-join the real world!

So you should attach some importance to ensuring some of your products or services relieve stress in people's lives.

For example, you may be promoting an auto responder service, like AWeber. You have to ask yourself how a service like this can relieve stress in a person's life and how should you go about promoting it.

Well, the kind of people who would need an auto responder are business people who want to manage their own email or members lists. To market this service to these people, you would incorporate something like how much easier their task would be made by using the auto responder you are promoting. You could explain in your advertising blurb how they could avoid all the stresses of managing their lists by not having to enter the details manually as well as avoiding the potential headaches of spurious accusations of spamming by including an easy opt-out system. All this helps them to avoid one huge load of stress.

Another example would be that you are promoting a product like an ebook rather than a service. Say the ebook is all about how to earn an income online from promoting other products on Clickbank. A really good one is "CB Passive Income." You could market this book as taking the stress and headaches out of starting an affiliate marleting business online by helping people avoid all the scams and rip-offs that are lurking at every corner waiting to snare the unwary.

If you sit down and think about what each of your products will actually be used for, you could use this technique for just about anything you are promoting.

So give it a try. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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