Ten Reasons Why People Buy Things Part 4

In the fourteenth of our series of informative articles on the honest way to earn an income online, we look at the fourth of the top ten reasons why people buy things.

Here is the fourth instalment of this ten part mini-series covering 10 reasons why people buy things. So far we've looked at the fact that people buy things to relieve stress, to replace an existing item and for emotional satisfaction. Now, in Part 4, we look at the 7th reason why people buy things…

Reason 7: Entertainment

For the majority of our lives, when we're not working or sleeping we're either relaxing at home or visiting friends or doing something to keep ourselves entertained. It might be watching TV, reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie or a play, going to a sports match, the list is seemingly endless. In fact, the ever increasing circle of types of entertainment has evolved onto personal computers in the forms of streaming video, music, games or simply surfing the internet. We need to be entertained to take our minds off the things we don't like doing, like going to work for instance.

So it will come as no great surprise that people spend billions of dollars every year on entertainment. The entertainment industry is enormous. So you might be wondering how you can incorporate entertainment into increasing your sales figures when you are promoting something like web hosting or selling an ebook that teaches people how to make money online.

Well, of course it can be done.

A great part of marketing an online service or product is giving free stuff away with what you're selling. It's a well known fact that people are more tempted to part with their hard earned cash for a product when it comes bundled with a package full of free stuff. It makes them feel that they are getting that much more for their money. So why not give something away that will entertain them?

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just as long as it's something that you have created yourself so you don't have to skirt around copyright laws and it's something people would get some enjoyment out of. One idea might be to create an entertaining ebook that is a joke book or a book of short stories or poems. If you can't write them yourself, there are plenty of online sources of ghost writers that could do it for you for a reasonable price.

Another idea might be to go into a JV (Joint Venture) with an entertainment site, trading a percentage of your sales for access to some of their site's features. They might even be helpful enough to help you produce a product that will be of mutual benefit to you both.

With some imagination and a little help from others in the business you could find just the right entertaining products to give away free with the main product that you are promoting. If you already have a product that fits into the entertainment industry in some way, you are already halfway there. Once you have identified your target market you are on your way.

People will always want to be entertained. If you can capitalise on that need, you could have a product or service that may well turn out to be a big seller for you.

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