Ten Reasons Why People Buy Things Part 7

In the seventeenth of our series of super informative articles all about the honest way to generate an income online, we look at the seventh of the ten top reasons why people buy things.

On to the seventh instalment of this ten part mini-series covering 10 reasons why people buy things. So far we've looked at the fact that people buy things to relieve stress, to replace an existing item, for emotional satisfaction, for entertainment, relaxation and planned purchase. Now, in Part 7, we look at the 4th most important reason why people buy things…

Reason 4: Education

Most of us want to improve ourselves in some way and some of us want to improve ourselves in many ways. However we go about doing that, one of the most effective of ways is to get educated. We want to learn things because it is in our nature to be curious. We also learn things in order to better ourselves.

We might want to learn how to do our job better so we can earn more money. Or we might want to learn a new language to make travelling to different countries more fulfilling. Whatever we do in order to learn things, one thing is for sure and that is it won't come for free. Most people who want to educate themselves will be happy to purchase a book or an audio or video training package or pay for a course of tutored lessons. Either way, astute marketers will be able to capitalise on attracting those potential customers to their websites in order to sell them some education.

One of the best ways of capturing that audience is by having good content on your website. For example, if you are selling web hosting you may find it advantageous to include information on what to look for when a customer wants to choose a hosting company. You can give them a list of options they should be wary of, for instance by warning them that anyone promising something like unlimited disk space are not being honest as there is no such thing!

What you have to remember is that by educating people and showing them things they wouldn't otherwise have known, may be things they might not even have thought to ask, they may well be more sympathetic to your forthrightness and honesty and be inclined to buy their web hosting from you. They would do that because they’d appreciate you took the time to educate them through the content on your site.

How would you present that content?

Well, one way is to have a page or a number of pages dedicated to a series of articles on web hosting which you can write yourself or have someone else write for you for a fee. Another way would be through the actual ad on your site. Where you describe your web hosting service, you can include the educational information that will hopefully steer that potential customer to your sales page and hopefully result in a sale.

Yet another way of presenting your content is by giving it away. There are plenty of ebooks doing the rounds on the internet that come with the right to give them away to others. Ok, they often come with a clause stating you have to include their links in the books, but it's a small price to pay for the time saved in not having to write your own. They work as long as they give your potential customers the necessary education so that they'll make their purchase through your site. If they are already your customer, then the book should enable them to make the most of the service they have bought from you, so they are a satisfied customer.

There are potentially many ways in which to provide your customers with the necessary education to give you the best chance of capturing their custom and getting them to purchase from your site. Do it right and you stand a good chance of keeping that customer for a very long time.

People remember when they've been treated well, so bear this in mind when you set out to educate your potential customers.

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