Ten Reasons Why People Buy Things Part 8

In the eighteenth of our series of honest, informative articles on how to earn an honest income online, we look at the eighth of ten main reasons why people buy things.

On to the eighth instalment of this ten part mini-series covering 10 reasons why people buy things. So far we've looked at the fact that people buy things to relieve stress, to replace an existing item, for emotional satisfaction, for entertainment, relaxation and planned purchase. Now, in Part 8, we look at the 3rd most important reason why people buy things…

Reason 3: Making the work space a pleasant place to be

Let's face it, no one likes to work in an environment that looks like a bomb has hit it. We like a nice, comfortable work space with pleasant surroundings, whether that be at your home office if you are lucky enough to be able to work exclusively from home (and most internet marketers are), or your work office. So regardless of whether you sell web hosting or alternative health products, you cane still make your product or service fit in with the "make your work space nicer" theme.

One thing that will hit you over the head with surprise is that practically everything that is sold online, apart from maybe garden products, is meant for use inside the home or office. So just about whatever you're selling, you should be able to throw in some "extras" with your product or service that will fall into that category.

We'll take as an example that you're selling a software product for interior designs that help people create their interior space to make it look nice. Now, while you're not actually selling things like chairs and tables or shelves and pictures to hang on the walls, you can stress just how this program will help its user to visualise all these things better than any other product. You can adjust your sales copy to make your potential customers see the benefits of owning your product such as being able to see how wonderful a room will look once all these accessories have been added. You can include some screen prints of the software in action on your website, so they can see right there in front of them how beautifully they can decorate their home using your product.

So while you're not actually decorating their room, you are creating the perfect visual to make them realise that their home WILL be more beautiful IF they buy YOUR program to help them.

Never underestimate the power of a good visual to make a potential customer believe a product or service is something they need.

Think about that.

How often have you bought a video game or a film on DVD because the cover art was so eye catching or amazing? The game or film might not look anything like the cover on the box, but if it catches our eye, we might be tempted to buy it anyway.

So how does that help the web hosting provider? How do you make that an attractive package?

You have to take your thinking and turn it on its head for this. Stress the benefits of your hosting package, particularly the guaranteed up-time. If you can convince people that they don't have to worry about their site being down when they host it with your company, it will make that drab office look a little better. Or you could go one stage further and offer a free ebook on home decorating with your hosting packages. They can be found for a small fee online with the option to distribute them free. Or perhaps do a JV with an office furniture and supplies company and give them some free hosting in return for being able to give away some of their freebies with a years hosting package.

All it takes is a little lateral thinking, and you can come up with just about anything that will fit in with making a customer's work space a nicer place to be.

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