Ten Reasons Why People Buy Things Part 9

In the nineteenth of our series of great informative articles on the honest way to make money online, we look at the nineth of the ten main reasons why people buy things.

On to the ninth instalment of this ten part mini-series covering 10 reasons why people buy things. So far we've looked at the fact that people buy things to relieve stress, to replace an existing item, for emotional satisfaction, for entertainment, relaxation, planned purchase and to make their work space nicer. Now, in Part 9, we look at the 2nd most important reason why people buy things…

Reason 2: For pleasure

Here's a statement that not too many people will quibble with:

"Life is hard."

Anyone who doesn't agree with probably hasn't lived yet, or they have escaped the real world to live in an asylum. Even for Buddhist monks living the simplest of lives, there are daily chores to be performed. It doesn't matter how rich you are either. Even Bill Gates has to do some work to keep his empire where it is. Ok, most of us wouldn't mind waking up to one of HIS headaches!

For most average people who work at difficult jobs, often having to commute to our workplace and working set hours like nine to five, often with overtime encroaching into our scant leisure time, also have families to care for as well as dealing with all the other problems life throws at us. At the end of a hard day, we come to the realisation that we probably spend more time frowning than smiling.

Here in Spain, we have a cure for all that. It's called Fiesta! Every town and village has its own fiesta week where practically everything except bars and restaurants close and the people get out their brightest clothes and go out and have fun! Suddenly all those frown lines are forgotten and we laugh and dance and have a terrific time.

How does that relate back to our online business?

Well, it's a natural human instinct to want to experience pleasure and in these modern times one of the best ways to do that is to buy something that will give it to us. You only have to look around at the plethora of websites that cater for entertainment of one form or another.

There are free games to be played

Free puzzles to solve

Music to download

We all want to have a good time to banish the blues of our mundane working lives away, because we know that spend too much time not having fun!

So let's see how we can incorporate this fact into selling our products and services online. We simply have to let people know how much fun they're going to have when they buy them. Let's take an off the wall product like a natural cure for acne.

How are we going to make that sound like fun? Easy. You only need to convince your visitors that if they buy your natural acne treatment their acne will be gone in just three days. With their now clear, unblemished skin, they are immediately more attractive to the opposite sex. Let's face it, when you're a teenager, you don't want to be seen hanging out with someone who resembles a pizza! Even less being that person because it means you get fewer dates because you're too shy to be seen in public and who'd want to go out with you looking like that anyway?

So you convince them that by purchasing this fabulous tried and tested natural acne treatment they will have the clear skin that WILL attract that cute boy or girl they've been after all this time. That means they'll be getting out and about more and having more fun! Of course they'll buy your product!

That philosophy can be transferred to just about any product that you sell. You just need to sit down and think about how the benefits of owning your product will make someone's life less stressful and more fun. Job done!

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