Ten Reasons Why People Buy Things Part 10

In the twentieth of our series of informative articles that talk about the honest way to earn an online income, we look at the tenth and last of the ten major reasons why people buy things.

We got there at last. Here we are at the final instalment of this ten part mini-series covering 10 reasons why people buy things. So looking back through this series, we've covered the fact that people buy things to relieve stress, to replace an existing item, for emotional satisfaction, for entertainment, relaxation, planned purchase, to make their work space nicer and for pleasure. Now, in Part 10, we look at the most important reason why people buy things…

Reason 1: Quality of life

The bottom line to this whole mini-series comes down to the fact that the number one reason we do anything is to better our lives somehow. We do it on many different levels, from a purely selfish level where we do things to better our own lives down through to doing the unselfish things to make life better for our partners, children, family group and friends.

While we may not tell ourselves on a conscious level that we are buying a certain item because we feel it will improve our quality of life, but deep down that is exactly what is happening.

As marketers, how can we exploit this?

To do this you must first take a cold hard look at your product and ask yourself: "In what way can my product or service improve a customer's quality of life?" Assuming that you know your product inside out, you should have no trouble answering that question for yourself. With your answer already set in your mind, all you have to do is to transfer that into your ad copy. You just tell your potential customers how your product or service will improve their quality of life.

Let's take an example. We'll use the natural cure for acne as we did in the last instalment. You have already shown your potential customers how it will give them more pleasure and more fun, so it's a natural progression that by buying your product they not only will have more fun, but that will ultimately improve the quality of their life because they will nave more confidence in themselves with a clear skin. They will no longer be self conscious of going out in public, they'll make new friends more easily and be more popular with members of the opposite sex. Now if that doesn't equate into an improved quality of life, I don’t know what does!

Let’s look at the money making side of our business. What if you are selling a money making opportunity? That's a simple one, because by telling your potential customers that they will make so much money by using your product that their financial stability will improve greatly creating an improvement in the quality of their lives. Of course it will, if they don't have to worry about finding the money to pay the next brace of bills that drop through the letterbox, or cope with the next hike in the price of fuel or the mortgage interest rate. With the extra cash your product will generate, they will be able to afford the best medical health care for their families, eat the best food and live in a nice part of town. The list is endless, but I'm sure you get the point.

What it boils down to is that your product or service must be able to improve the lives of your potential customers in some way or other, otherwise why would they want to buy it? Put yourself in their shoes. Why would YOU want to buy it? You have to be brutally honest with yourself on that one, because if you can't come up with enough hard and fast reasons why you would want to buy your product, why should you expect anyone else to want to buy it either?

It really is the be all and end all of the marketability of a product. It HAS to improve in some way your customer's quality of life.

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