Why You Should Write Your Own Content

Despite the sheer convenience and ease of using AI to write articles, there are some good reasons why you should write your own content for your websites and blogs going forward.

Many will scoff at the idea of going back to typing an article on an actual keyboard after being able to take things easy and just tell AI to write them for so long now.

However, I believe that might be a foolish thing to do in light of the obvious future of content creation.

How AI Creates Content

write your own contentAI needs to keep learning to become an expert and to stay current. I think you'll agree with me on that point.

Here's my reasoning with regards to the ongoing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to write text-based content.

How does AI learn?

It scours the Internet for fresh content written by knowledgeable people and adds it to its database of artificial memory. It requires a constant stream of new, up-to-date, expertly written, grammatically correct and factual information to teach its algorithms.

Until recently, this is what human content creators have been providing it with. The content has been of higher quality from content creators who rely on search engine optimization (SEO) to rank their web pages in search, because that's what Google told us it wanted.

So, basically Google used its search monopoly to hold a virtual gun to our heads and force us to do it if we wanted our content to rank.

Why and how did Google do that?

Google changed its algorithm to recognise content that satisfied its EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) criteria, rewarding content creators of such content with better ranking in its search index. High quality content became a big ranking factor in SEO.

Its argument was that it wanted to provide its users with the best results when using its search. At least that what Google told us all.

It really wanted that high quality, expert content to teach its AI engine. After all, it would not be much use to AI to learn from a lot of the low quality junk that makes up the vast majority of what's published online, thanks to spammers.

So to kill two birds with one stone, (ie get rid of so much junk content and trick content creators to greatly step up their game with regards to expertise and grammar), Google made it so only the best content would occupy its search index.

The Architect of Its Own Downfall

The concept of coercing content writers to thoroughly research and write the best content they can is actually a sound one.

All would be good if things kept going in this way. However, things changed, as they have a habit of doing and Google may well become the architect of its own downfall.

What happened to change things immeasurably is that AI content generating tools were made available and affordable for web content creators.

What could possibly go wrong?

Remember how I said that AI needed constant, up-to-date, expert human-written content to keep learning from, in order for it to stay current and the expert answer for every question?

What do you honestly think content creators are going to do when given access to a cheap AI content creation tool that can write great articles that are just about as good as a human can write?

Are they going to continue spending hours researching and writing high quality articles?

The hell they are!

Just about every writer of web content on the planet has ditched their keyboard typing skills for simply pressing a few buttons and having AI do all the work for them.

And why not?

AI can write articles as well as they can and in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. The results are grammatically correct, factual, expert and trustworthy (of course they are).

So... with most of the new, up-to-date, expert content being published on the web now being created by AI, what is AI going to keep learning from?

The Law of Diminishing Returns

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if all AI has to learn from is what AI has itself been creating, it's going to stagnate eventually.

AI content, without fresh, human researched and written content to learn from, will become more and more inbred, stale and outdated. If that trend continues, all the newest content being served up by Google will be the same information re-written thousands of times.

It will become no better than all the tons of garbage spun content that polluted the search index several years ago that took so much work to stamp out and just as worthless. Google's search index will become worthless.

It's organic listings will once again be populated by spammers using AI vying for visibility among the overgrown weeds of advertisements that pollute just about every search result that Google currently serves up to its users. Yes, Google is even uglier than Yahoo used to be back at the end of the 1990s!

AI may not be the end of SEO, but it might mean the end of Google. It is quite possible that users will leave that platform in their millions to seek out better quality content.

Why I'm Writing My Own Content Again

Which brings me nicely to what I have alluded to at the beginning of this post: why I believe you should be writing your own content.

I'm writing my own content because I maintain control over what I write, where the expert information comes from and how I structure my articles. AI can't do that and it will never learn how to unless people start writing for themselves again.

All AI can learn to do is to copy and modify what it has already written because its base of learning has changed from human-written to artificial machine-written. It is for want of a better term "cloning" itself over and over and only changing what is already there because it has nothing new to introduce into the mix.

Google's algorithm will eventually catch on that its bots are merely seeing the same thing spun over and over again. Those bots will be instructed by future algo updates to go in search of truly original content that can only be written by human hands.

It will ignore everyone else's AI crap and find my human-written original, fresh, up to date writings. And it will grab my new pages of the real thing and rank them above all the same-old-same-old junk.

Is it possible that I'm in on one of the great work at home secrets of the moment!


You can believe whatever the hell you want. If all the SEO gurus are telling you to keep using AI, you should by all means follow their lead.

If you have been spending all your money on shiny new AI objects, you should keep using them to create your content to get your money's worth.

If, however, you can see what I see and your vision is showing you much the same as my vision is showing me, you might be tempted to start writing your own content again. Trust yourself, trust the process and just wait and see what comes of it.

The writing is on the wall and believe me, AI did not write it.

PS: I wrote every word of this article!


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